Our Food

We take our food very seriously at Flying Start – not only do we follow the School's Food Trust but we also have some very discerning diners!

In the baby and toddler rooms we have a separate area within the rooms for eating snacks, lunch and tea, the preschoolers come downstairs to our dedicated dining room for their meals. This not only encourages social interaction at meal times but acquaints children with eating around a table with their peers and independence at the table.


At the right time in their development preschool children are encouraged to serve themselves whilst sharing with and encouraging their friends. They lay the tables themselves, pour their own drinks and some of the older ones also get involved with the clearing away...

All of this is achieved in a relaxed environment geared towards encouraging them to try new foods and eat the food on their plates.

The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and Louise the cook gets involved with lunchtimes, talking about her food and how it was made. The children absolutely love to join in and once or twice a week Louise has a small group to help her prepare lunch or snack.

We have a selection of our menus for you to see – you must look at the special Halloween one we had (parents translation also below!). Menus are available to view at the beginning of each week and all special dietary requirements are catered for (and if you wish) not drawn attention to.