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Hedgehogs – our baby room for children 3 months to 2 years old

Hedgehogs - our baby room

We can entertain up to nine little hedgehogs at any one time and they are cared for on a one member of staff to three babies ratio.

When your baby comes to us for the first time your key person will sit down with you and talk through his/her routine, likes and dislikes and family environment, all aimed at making sure we understand them and can provide them with the care they need. Your routine is the routine that we will follow until you say otherwise. If your child will only sleep in a pram then that is what they can do, we also have a number of cots in a quieter area just off the baby room where they can really get their heads down.

There is a dedicated changing room and milk kitchen within the baby area.

Mealtimes are taken in the baby room, all purées and solid foods are prepared by Sarah in the kitchen and included in the fees. You will need to provide your own milk and nappies.