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Thanks for everyone at Flying Start for everything you have done for J! His confidence has grown so much, especially this last year in the Pre-School room. We will miss you so much.
We wanted to express all our gratitude for your support through Flying Start for the last four years. You have turned the business from a ‘good’ nursery to an ‘outstanding’ nursery! (We disagree with ofsted!) The care and love that you and your staff show in nurturing the children is extraordinarily special and you should be very proud of what you have achieved. Thank you so much!
We absolutely loved reading through J’s learning journal. J’s Speech, social development and educational development over the last two years is amazing. J is constantly telling us both about his friends and all the things he has been learning. J can be quite anxious and a bit ‘unsure’ at times, but we know he feels relaxed and safe when he’s at nursery, which makes it all a lot easier. Thank you!